Thank you, Cliven Bundy, for helping support marriage equality. Bet you didn’t intend to do that.


Dual fools…(Credit: Fox News/screen collage by Salon.)

Well, I’ll be darned. We have something positive spurred on by Cliven Bundy and his feisty herd of supporters.

Bundy has been breaking the law for two decades, refusing to pay the federal government for using their Nevada land to graze his cattle, and refusing to remove his cattle from federal land. Finally, the government has confronted him.

The topic has been twisted à la Fox News, painting Bundy as a victim of “government overreach.”

Sean Hannity has been up in arms, channeling Quick Draw McGraw, the cartoon sheriff out to right the wrongs in the old west. It’s been “OLAYYYYEEEE,!” 24/7, Fox News style. (And let’s not forget Quick Draw’s tendency to shoot himself in the face as he arrogantly blows smoke from his gun. Oh, so apropos.)

Determined to make a point by using the example of the Cliven Bundy circus in Nevada–to get the government out of what’s supposedly not their business (ahem, the land that they own)–Hannity has been having a field day with his new talking point, “government overreach.”

"Marge, what are they doing in our bedroom?"

“Marge, what are they doing in our bedroom?”

But, if the government setting the terms on what belongs to them is “government overreach,” getting the government out of the bedrooms, marriages, and home life of homosexuals should be a no-brainer, don’t ya think?

Seriously. Is there any better example of “government overreach” than attempting to control the private lives of citizen’s most intimate affairs?

When Hannity and Fox news are looking for more topics to drive their new talking point home, (after Cliven Bundy’s cows are tucked into a new home of their own, of course) they can turn to getting the government out of the homes of citizens—declaring who can and who can’t create a family life of their choosing.

Let’s hope Hannity and Fox news give as much attention and concern to government overreach with homosexuals, as they do to Bundy’s cows. Wouldn’t that be something?

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