Shkreli’s Villainous Antics

This is so ethically outrageous, I can’t even wrap my head around it. I feel like I’m living in a Batman episode where the villains’ evil intentions are so batsh*t crazy, they just can’t be real.

Former hedge-fund manager, and current CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, 32 year- old Martin Shkreli, just bought the patent to a 62 year-old life-saving medication called Daraprim. It’s used to treat AIDS, cancer and other immuno-compromised patients who contract a lethal opportunistic infection known as toxoplasmosis. Without blinking an eye, he instantly jacked up the cost of the drug %5500, from $13.50 to $750 a pill, a pill that costs only $1.00 to make.

With the type of arrogance only an ethically clueless being could display, he argued that the previous cost of the course of treatment “to save your life was only $1,000.” This smarmy guy explained that the former company that owned the drug was “practically giving it away almost,” (They were making $5 million annually on it.); and he needs to turn a profit.


Just add a top hat and a cigarette with holder…The Penguin’s protégé

First, I didn’t know there was a dollar value attached to saving someone’s life. Secondly, he needs to turn a profit? This isn’t a “need;” it’s what his empty shell craves. He has no idea what “need” really is. Put him on his death bed at the mercy of others, and let’s see what he has to say about “need” then.

I’m fed up with capitalism run amok, where money comes before humanity and CEO’s not only get away with sub-human behavior, they get rewarded for it. This is our norm, our reality–stranger than a Batman episode where the villainous antics of greedy characters are at least snuffed out, as they should be.

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