“If we truly want to ‘Make America Great Again,’ as Donald Trump promises with his seductive tagline, it has to start with respect and dignity and empathic concern for one another, within our borders and with the rest of our world. There is no other way. In fact, there is no other America.”

Saving America's Grace
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Why I Wrote This Book

I consider myself an accidental activist…
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Hillary Clinton Desperately Needs a Moral Narrative to Drive her Campaign

…Currently, Hillary Clinton is running the risk of making the very same mistakes as Kerry, and as she did in 2008—leading with her cerebral cortex, offering good reason after good reason why she is the candidate to elect. And all the while, she’s speaking from a defensive fighting position as her moral authority is challenged-

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The Time Is NOW for Progressives to Boldly Move Forward with Moral Conviction

“…The 2016 presidential campaign is a pivotal point in American politics, an opportune time for Democrats to take control of the moral values narrative that no longer belongs to Republicans for reasons that have become frightfully obvious.

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It’s on Progressive’s to Save America’s Grace

“…It’s up to progressive’s to overcome the Republican brand of authoritarianism with altruism, backed by a moral outrage rightly possessed in face of the farce that is the Republican Party.

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Our Culture Is Going to Hell in the Proverbial Hand Basket

“…As a culture and as people, we’ve become unmoored from our souls, oblivious to that which makes us human. In our fast-paced capitalistic society, we’ve had our eyes on the prize of the almighty dollar at the expense of living meaningful, deeply felt and connected lives…-

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There Is Good News

“…Rather than seeing the loss of traditional family values as a sign of Armageddon, we can view ourselves as being in the midst of an evolutionary step forward.

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