What’s the Big Idea?

Yes…Families are troubled. Children lack meaning. Our culture is going to hell in a Puritan’s hand basket.

Current culture warriors are fighting for a “return to traditional family values,” (code for biblical, patriarchal values) in order to stabilize nuclear family life and create a moral society.

Great goal.

Wrong approach.

There’s a reason this four decades long crusade, filled with passion, political power, and abundant funding (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, per year)  isn’t working…

Their solution is part of the problem.


There are some thorny realities poking through the nostalgic dream of 1950’s “family values.”

If “traditional” nuclear family life were so ideal, the “breakdown of the family” wouldn’t have occurred. What works, works…doesn’t it?

Something wasn’t right in the nostalgic world of Father Knows Best. If it were so right, there would not have been such a robust upheaval of that era’s conventional mores.

And if the repressive cultural values of 1950’s America were so fervently fought against during the early years of the civil rights movement, they sure as hello* aren’t going to be accepted today, in our more enlightened, democratically evolved society.

It’s time for a new conversation.

We’ll discover how ‘”traditional family values” are a deeply flawed, superficial model of family life, and why they are not the type of values that create happy homes, healthy souls and well-adjusted children. 

We’ll see why same-sex marriages can be just as sound (or not) as straight marriages, and why they’re not responsible for weakening the institution of marriage…and what is.

We’ll see how political rhetoric has bastardized the term “family values” in order to manipulate voters, while offering no clear meaning, and nothing of value to support families.

As for the culture war, we’ll look closely at how this supposedly virtuous fight for “traditional family values”  as a way to create a moral society, is really a quest to turn America into a quasi-theocracy. From here, we’ll see why the imposition of biblical doctrine is not the basis for moral development. Finally, we’ll understand why the “culture war” has been getting nowhere fast for forty years, and why we need a “cultural evolution” instead.

Hang on and get ready for an inside-out, right-side up perspective on this misguided mission to sell “traditional family values” as the panacea for all our cultural woes.

Welcome to Rethinking Family Values

Rethinking Family Values

Family Values

Identifying Values of Real Value

Could it be that “traditional family values” are not all they’re cracked up to be? With a focus on form over function, roles over quality of relationships, and dogmatic obedience at the expense of personal and spiritual development, they are shallow values fostering a hole in the soul of families.

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

From Brazen Bigotry to Bona Fide Research

It’s time to flip the marriage equality debate on its head, with straight-up facts that put right wing ideology in its place. In answer to the question: “What’s love got to do with it?” As it turns out, quite a lot.




Family Values Rhetoric and the Duping of America

Conservatives have co-opted “family values” as their brand. Playing voters with slick nonsense, they have created a fictional narrative of moral superiority. It’s time to set this twisted story straight.

The Culture War

Culture War

An Ineffective, Un-American Crusade

Fighting to legislate biblical values to create a moral society is a backward approach, doomed from the start. First, morality cannot be legislated–it’s an inside job. Secondly, a crusade of this sort does not belong, and will never work, in a democracy like America. It’s time for a new solution. It’s time for a cultural evolution.