It’s true. Our culture is going to hell in a handbasket.

Or maybe a designer handbag.

Either way, American culture is missing taste, grace, and moral sensibility.

The so-called “culture warriors” of the religious right have been crusading to bring ‘morality’ into our culture for decades. And, they’re clearly failing.

Why has their fervent war been so impotent?

Because they’re fighting the wrong fight. We don’t need more dogma. We need more soul.

How Did We Get Here?

As a culture, we have lost our spiritual footing. Our fast paced, capitalistic society has its eye on the prize of the almighty dollar, at the expense of living truly meaningful, deeply felt, and connected lives-lives where the care and concern of others brings more fulfillment than purchasing power, where engaging with people in the here and now with eye contact, is more important than any smart phone distraction, where we are not numbed out to the gratuitous violence in the media, so we can have and support our children’s natural capacity for empathy.

Through generations of programming telling us to focus on outer rewards vs. inner experience (soulful connection to self and others) we have been taught to operate without being grounded in our bodies, in our minds, in our souls.

The result?

A spiritually hungry society that turns to the superficial —designer labels, celebrity worship, promiscuity, technology, drugs, shopping, and other self-soothing, ego boosting addictions—in an attempt to fill a gaping hole in the soul.

The cost?

A souled-out society chasing after shallow experiences that can never meet the real need for soulful connection and higher order spiritual development. So, the cycle of hunger and consumption that never truly satisfies, continues.

The solution?

Cultivating soul in our souled out society.

How do we do this?

By raising the bar about what is “normal,” and what really matters. By calling out our culture on the shallow, meaningless, tasteless, and spiritually bereft values we value, while highlighting the ridiculous nature of such “norms” that are really pretty freakin’ odd, in terms of human nature and human needs. 

There are so many sorry elements in our culture that are so common, we don’t even notice how downright crude and empty they really are. And its up to the caregivers of children to become the wisdom-providers for the next generation, guiding children and teens with heightened personal awareness and through close, meaningful relationships (that needs to start way before the teen years).

This is where my blog comes in.

American Culture on the Couch: Where Clear-Eyed Reality and Cultural Insanity Collide, spotlights what’s wrong in our whacked out world with insightful commentary and suggestions to begin the process of change.

While some of the cultural norms challenged here will relate to personal and family life, many will relate to pop culture, politics and the media. I will offer a new way of seeing the warp in our world in order to bring greater awareness, insight and grounding. Parents will have an opportunity to build resilience in their children, from the newly verbal into teen years and beyond.

Through conversations about “the crazy” in our culture, children learn to separate themselves from what they see, gain a different perspective and a new framework for understanding the world in a way that anchors the soul. With this comes the development of an internal moral navigational system that draws on the power of ever developing wisdom.

It’s time for a new kind of culture war.

It’s time to replace the culture war with a cultural evolution. Our survival as mindful beings, who can move beyond the pressures of the spiritually bereft machinations of corporate America, depends on it.

Let the conversation begin.

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