Saving America's Grace

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“Our MORAL CRISIS is not about gays, liberals or secularism. The fundamental problem we face is this: Capitalistic values have overtaken humanistic values, hollowing out the soul of our society.”

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Family Values
Identifying Values of Real Value

The problem isn’t lack of traditional family values.
The problem is with
traditional family values.  

Marriage Equality
From Brazen Bigotry to Bona Fide Research

Turning the marriage equality debate on its head with facts that put right wing ideology in its place.

Family Values Rhetoric and the Duping of America

The right wing has claimed “family values” as their brand. It’s time to set this twisted story straight.

The Culture War
An Ineffective, Un-American Crusade

Fighting to legislate biblical values in a democratic society is a backward approach, doomed from the start.